10 Greatest Techniques in Dragon Ball – Ranked

Techniques in Dragon Ball:

The Dragon Ball series is all about warriors, fighters, and battle-hardened veterans. They fight and trade fists on a daily basis. After so many years, all the fans know that each fighter in the Dragon Ball Universe has developed some really powerful techniques and some of them are worthy enough to be considered a class apart.

 10. Galick Gun

Techniques in Dragon Ball

First used by Vegeta when he landed on Earth for the first time to fight Goku, the Galick Gun is a rather simple but destructive attack. The Galick Gun is similar to Goku’s Kamehameha and fans were surprised that Vegeta’s attack could keep up with Goku’s counter-attack. The technique has the power to destroy an entire planet and uses surprisingly very little energy to be executed. It can be, like the Kamehameha attack, can be sued several times in succession. Future Trunks used this technique multiple times in his fight against Zamasu and Goku Black. It may have not killed an enemy as of yet but if you were about to be hit by a Galick Gun, we would suggest you start praying.

 9. Destructo Disc

Techniques in Dragon Ball

Krillin may not be as powerful as he was in the original Dragon Ball series. Due to the Saiyans taking the center stage, Krillin never got a chance to bloom. He did introduce one of the greatest Dragon Ball techniques though. The Destructo Disc is basically a sharp disc of energy that can cut literally anything. Nappa and Vegeta almost got killed when the technique was used on them. Frieza also barely survived the Destructo Disc and was so impressed by the technique that he developed his own purple-colored version of the same. The only villain who managed to withstand it at point-blank range is Perfect Cell.

 8. Dragon Fist

Techniques in Dragon Ball

The Dragon Fist has been seen very little in the anime series. But whenever it was used, it proved to be a devastating assault on the enemy. Goku powers up his fist with his Ki. He then uses his superior speed and energy to attack his opponent head-on. To top it off, the energy of Goku when he uses the Dragon Fist technique actually manifests as a golden dragon, which then wraps itself around the enemy and starts constricting them. The Dragon Fist was used on Hirudegarn, and he died a painful death. It was also used on Omega Shenron, who too barely managed to survive, thanks to his regenerative healing. When Super Android 17 faced the Dragon Fist technique, it was the beginning of the end for the supervillain.

 7. Kaioken

The Kaioken technique is extremely potent and deadly for novices. It can only be mastered through proper, rigorous training. When used by a seasoned warrior, the Kaioken can do wonders. It basically acts as an auxiliary technique, supporting a battle veteran’s physical attributes by augmenting them beyond their physical capacity. Kaioken was first seen in action when Goku fought Vegeta for the first time. He could only use the technique for a short while and he was a beginner at it as well.

Techniques in Dragon Ball

By the time Goku reached Namek, he had mastered the technique to such an extent that he could use it to power his Kamehameha to steer his ship off of the gravitational field of a massive star. It recently made an appearance in Dragon Ball Super when Goku used it against Hit.

 6. Death Ball

This is Frieza’s most powerful attack. The Death Ball is a planetary level attack that could easily destroy an entire civilization. Many members of Frieza’s race including Cooler and Chilled know how to use this attack. Frieza has used a Death Ball to destroy the planet Namek. He also used it to destroy the Saiyan Home Planet during the Saiyan Genocide. The Death Ball is like a very sinister and nefarious version of the Spirit Bomb.

It is almost unstoppable but proficiency in its use depends on the level of control the user has over it. Frieza had lesser control of it since his Death Ball took a lot of time to destroy Namek. When Cooler creates his Death Ball in Cooler’s Revenge, he claims that it will destroy Earth instantaneously.

 5. Human Extinction Attack

The attack that made Super Buu one of the greatest super-villains to ever exist in the Dragon Ball franchise, the human Extinction attack is something that could be considered the stuff of legends. It is another planetary level technique which like Final Flash or the Death Ball can destroy an entire civilization. But the only difference is – it never harms the planet. The Human Extinction Attack can only be done by Buu because he has the requisite abilities necessary to implement it on such a grand scale. Goku and the Z Fighters are known to sense the Ki of other people.

But Buu can not only sense it, but he can also use it to accurately locate each and every human being on the planet. Then using a globally coordinated multiple energy beam strikes, each energy beam would then home in on each person, killing every human being on Earth.

 4. Candy Beam

The Candy Beam attack developed by Buu may not sound as impressive. But never let someone judge a book or a beam by its cover. Buu uses the Candy Beam attack to turn people into literal balls of energy. Vegito was turned into a ball of chocolate when hit by Buu’s Candy Beam. The genius of this technique is that it not only paralyzes and immobilizes an enemy it also allows Buu to absorb their powers. Buu can use it to gain other people’s abilities if he eats the ball of energy after it has trapped an enemy within it. While it sure does sound like a nasty way to go down, it is a very effective technique that can be used on any person, no matter how powerful he or she might be.

 3. Kamehameha

The Kamehameha attack is Goku’s signature move. If he does not know what to do in a battle, Goku always goes with a Kamehameha attack because it is a pretty straightforward but very effective attack technique. It is basically a beam of concentrated energy that goes in a straight line. Not many villains have been defeated by a Kamehameha technique. We can recall only a handful of villains like Broly and Cell who ended up getting their butts kicked by a combined Kamehameha attack. But it still one of the greatest attacks available in the franchise. And most of the Z Fighters know or are well-versed in executing this technique.

 2. Final Flash

Techniques in Dragon Ball

The Final Flash is Vegeta’s ultimate technique. It is so powerful that even a slight miscalculation in terms of accuracy of hit could destroy the planet Vegeta is using it on. Final Flash was used by Vegeta against Cell. After Vegeta was so filled up with rage after realizing he is hopelessly outmatched against Cell, he channeled up all his anger and rage into one huge ball of energy. By the time Cell realized he was in danger, it was already too late. Half of his body was destroyed and everybody thought Vegeta won the fight until Cell regenerated back. Final Flash has never actually killed any enemy but it has the ability to do some extensive damage to the opponent.

 1. Spirit Bomb

The Spirit Bomb will always be the Dragon Ball franchise’s greatest technique. Goku used it for the first time to absorb the energy of the universe and create a massive ball of energy that is able to destroy any enemy, no matter how strong the enemy could be. The only downside to the technique is that the person building up a Spirit Bomb has to wait a lot in order for it to be completed.

The longer a person waits, the more powerful the Spirit Bomb becomes. One advantage of this technique is that even the weakest of warriors could use it to destroy the strongest of opponents if the former have sufficient time. The Spirit Bomb was once absorbed by Goku, who then used the explosive energy like a walking human bomb to destroy Super Android 13 from the inside out.

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