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How to Avoid Breakouts after Shaving

Shaving is a daily routine for men or in other cases, women. Shaving unnecessary facial hair is a need for some men. It helps them to look neat and clean. There are times that shaving can be a smooth process, with the right amount of tools and ingredients you can shave that facial hair without issue.

Shaving can be a rough process in some cases. Some men shave and tend to have breakouts. But what are breakouts? This could mean pimple or bumps breakouts. And yes, it is possible to get pimple breakouts after you shave.

But the face isn’t the only area that individuals will shave. There are other areas such as armpits and bikini lines. Hair from these areas are coarser and thicker compared to the face. Breakouts or bumps may appear if measures are not applied appropriately.

What are the causes of Breakouts After Shaving?

To give you an idea, below are some of the common causes of breakouts:

  • Unwashed Tools

There are times that we forgot to clean our shaving tools. If left alone, they can accumulate large quantities of dust and other contaminants causing bacteria to form. This is one of the many reasons why pimples may appear after shaving as the bacteria from the shaver may be transferred to your face.


  • Unchanged Blade

If your shaver is a 3-day old blade, there is a high chance of breakout occurring on your face. You should always change to a new blade after every 2 days, especially if you are shaving quite frequently. Chances are that the blade has already accumulated bacteria. Dull blades will definitely give you razor burns and even breakouts.

  • Shaving with a Dry Skin

You should be careful if you have dry skin. People with dry skin tend to have coarser facial hair, hence it may harder to shave and there is a higher chance to develop razor burns and breakouts.

Those are the common causes of breakouts after shaving. Now that you know the different causes, it is now time for you to understand the different ways or tips to prevent breakouts:

  • Replace your Blades Regularly

You should stock up your blades. If you are shaving regularly, you should also change them regularly. If you tend to use the same blade multiple times, this will definitely cause the blade to become dull.

Shaving using a dull blade is not ideal as it may cause razor burns and acne breakouts. So do yourself a favor and go to the supermarket to buy a box of blades for your own benefit.


  • Properly Wash your Razor before Using

The blade is not the only thing that you should keep in mind; you should also clean the razor. Before replacing your blade, you must first wash your razor properly to remove any kind of debris.


It is recommended to wash your razor after every shave, thus minimizing the build-up of debris in your razor.

To clean your razor properly, hold the head under running water to remove any debris. Gently flick the razor on the edge of the sink to eliminate any excess build-ups that are stuck. Alternatively, you can use a brush to remove the debris. Then let it dry.


  • Rinse with Warm Water

Before you start shaving, you should rinse your face with warm water. Rinsing it with warm water will help to soften your facial hair, making it easier to shave.


Regardless of the area, you should always moisturize or dampen the area with warm water to make shaving an easier process.

  • Proper Skin Care Routine

Not just women, but men should also have their own skincare routine that incorporates exfoliation and moisturizing regimen. There are skincare products in the market that are specially curated for men to keep their skin healthy.


Healthy skin is the key to a smooth shave. With the right skincare routine, your skin will be nourished and moisturized, preventing dry skin from manifesting.


  • Shave Oil Madness

If you want your shaving experience to be a smooth process, then you should apply some shaving oil to lubricate the areas that you will be shaving. Shave oil will make it easier for your razor to glide across your skin without tearing your skin.


There are many types of pre-shave oils that are being sold in the market. Regardless of the price and brand, all of them will do its magic on your skin.

  • Shaving Cream

If you do not want to use a pre-shave oil, then you can always select the option of using a shaving cream. This is a more popular item that most people use. It does the same work as a pre-shave oil which helps to make the razor glide over the skin smoothly.


You should use a shaving cream that is filmier and thinner. Such shaving cream will definitely help you to prevent bumps or acne breakouts.


  • UsingAftershave

If you think the pre-shave oil or shaving cream is still not enough, then you can use an aftershave solution. It is a solution that you can apply after shaving to hydrate your skin. Regardless of the area that you are shaving, it is always good to use to prevent any redness or irritations.


Without the use of the aftershave, bumps or acne breakouts may start to manifest, especially in the bikini area where the hairs tend to be coarser and thicker.



Breakouts are irritating and itchy when you don’t shave properly. If you use the above tips, then you are decreasing the chances of breakouts from happening. However, if you are still experiencing breakouts even after trying out the above tips, there are other effective methods to solve this. Feel free to check out Divabikini to learn more about skin care do’s and don’ts. It is important to know what skin care routines and products best suit your skin.

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