13 Marvel Superheroes That Already Made Their Debut in MCU and We Never Even Noticed

With the rich and vast Marvel Cinematic Universe being on an ever-expanding spree, the fans are finding it more and more difficult to keep up with the pace. The MCU is huge and it keeps on adding new elements to its story arc, which is much too difficult to keep up when it comes to an ordinary human being. It is only set to expand even more after Avengers: Endgame signals the end of MCU Phase 3 and the beginning of MCU Phase 4. So which superheroes did we miss to point out till now? Presenting – 13 Marvel Superheroes that already made their debut in MCU and we never even noticed!!

 1. Mocking Bird

Marvel Superheroes MCU

Agent Bobbi Morse first made her debut in the comic book universe in 1971 in an issue created by Neal Adams and Len Wein. She made her live-action debut in Agents of Shield where she played the role of a Hydra double agent working for Shield. Bobbi has been an integral part of the show, played by Adrianne Palicki but she has been absent from the show’s most recent iterations. Let us hope this Shield Super Spy makes a come-back.

 2. Gladiator

Marvel Superheroes MCU

Known more popularly as Melvin Potter in Daredevil, Gladiator made his live-action debut in the show’s premiere season itself. In the comics, Gladiator has been around since 1966 when he first came into the picture courtesy of Stan Lee and John Romita Sr. The third and last season of Daredevil threw some light into Melvin’s troubled past but it ended with Melvin in quite a tight spot. With Netflix ending its contract with Marvel, chances of Melvin turning into a crime-fighter like he did in the comic books, are very bleak.

 3. The Absorbing Man

Marvel Superheroes MCU

Carl Crusher Creel was an ordinary man that was given the mystical ability to absorb the properties of any substance he touched and convert his body into the same. It was Loki who created the Absorbing Man with the hopes that Carl would one day defeat Thor. In Agents of Shield, Carl Creel is a Hydra experiment gone rogue and he has used his abilities as a mercenary for the terrorist organization. In the last season of Agents of Shield, he turned to the good side and helped the heroes save the planet.

 4. Typhoid Mary

Marvel Superheroes MCU

There is no word to describe just how bad Iron Fist season 1 was. But the second season was way too good. And part of the reason was Typhoid Mary aka Mary Walker. Born a troubled child, Mary had always been a victim of circumstances. She is mentally volatile and has the dissociative identity disorder syndrome, which makes her prone to unpredictable fits of rage and lunacy. Typhoid Mary is a prominent Hand Assassin and she has clashed with Daredevil and Iron Fist a lot of times.

 5. The Whizzer

Marvel Superheroes MCU

The Whizzer was a superhero that ran around the streets of Marvel Comics New York in the year of 1941. After the ’40s were over, his popularity waned. Al Avison is the one who created the character for Marvel. In Jessica Jones Season two, a strange, obese looking man with a matching color outfit as that of the Whizzer surfaces. It is later revealed that his pet mongoose is now stolen. The mongoose’s name is Emil, which is also the animal whose blood transfusion gave the Whizzer his powers.

 6. The Owl

Marvel Superheroes MCU

Leland Owlsley is a Criminal Overlord and a long time enemy of Daredevil in Marvel Comics. He made his first official comic book debut way back in 1964. In Daredevil Season 1, the character is played by Bob Gunton. But not even with a veteran actor like Gunton playing him, the Owl could make a mark in the TV Universe. The fans were really angry with the way the show handled the Owl considering the fact that it had always given all the villains some amount of respect when being portrayed in the frame. With Daredevil now officially canceled, the chances of his son Gunton’s character mentioned in Season 1 taking over the family business are also very slim.

 7. Blackwing

Marvel Superheroes MCU

Blackwing is the evil version of Batman in the Marvel Universe. This superhuman had the ability to control colonies of bats and was super rich as well as trained in various forms of martial art techniques. Joseph Manfredi was created by Gerry Conway and Don Heck back in 1975. The character appeared in Agent Carter’s final season, played by Ken Marino before the show was canceled abruptly.

 8. Nuke

Marvel Superheroes MCU

Nuke is one of the craziest and jingoistic characters to have ever graced the comic books. Nuke is a product of the American Super Soldier program, the one that gave us superheroes like Captain America and Wolverine. In Jessica Jones Season One, Will Simpson is revealed to be Nuke. But the most prominent trademark of Nuke was the American Flag tattooed on his face, which was missing in the series. This is exactly why the fans didn’t like the way the character was treated on the screen when his entire back story was changed just so it could fit with the storyline of the show.

 9. Madam Masque

Marvel Superheroes MCU

Agent Carter could be credited with bringing in a lot of cool super villains into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, something the movies seldom could. Madam Masque is one such character. Gene Colan and Stan Lee worked together to bring this super villainess to the comic books in 1968. In the show, Masque appears as Wynn Everett, a Hollywood superstar with huge connections to her comic book Crime Family. The episode The Man with the Golden Mask confirmed her actual comic book counterpart in Agent Carter.

 10. Quake

Marvel Superheroes MCU

When Agents of Shield made its season 1 premiere, no one like the female lead played by Chloe Bennett! The fans were always sceptical that Chloe’s Character, Skye, is not what she says. Their theories later turned out to be true when Skye’s real name was revealed – she was Quake, a superhuman with the ability to create massive destructive vibrations. Quake is one of the youngest superheroes to join the MCU, making her first official debut only in 2004. With Agents of Shield’s popularity soaring, Quake’s character has also become a well-known figure in the Marvel Comics Universe.

 11. Orson Randall

Marvel Superheroes MCU

In Iron Fist season 1, Danny Rand realizes that there have been other Iron Fists that came before him. And one of them was even white!! This means that Danny Rand is not even the first Caucasian Iron Fist, let alone the first Iron Fist. In the episode “Black Tiger Steals Heart”, Danny sees footage of a masked warrior fighting insurgents near K’un-Lun. The guy is Orson Randall, the Iron Fist that came before Danny Rand. He is seen using the Iron Fist power in both his hands which means Danny has still ways to go before he can call himself the true protector of K’un-Lun.

 12. Kid Colt

Marvel Superheroes MCU

Blaine Colt is one of Marvel’s most popular western themed superheroes alongside others like Black Rider, Phantom Rider, Outlaw Kid, Rawhide Kid, and Two-Gun Kid. In the Agent Carter episode “Better Angels”, Howard Stark reveals his plans for making a movie using his newly acquired movie studio on the Kid colt comic book series. The comic book, claims Howard, is based on a true character so this means Kid Colt actually existed in the Wild West in the older times. If the Avengers ever decide to take a trip down the wild-west memory lane, it is good to know they have an ally there as well.

 13. Manifold

Marvel Superheroes MCU

Manifold is actually a mutant with the power of teleportation in the Marvel Comics Universe. But since Disney and Fox are yet to sign the deal in its entirety, the Agents of Shield TV Show (which is Disney property by law) could not use Manifold along with his mutant back story in the series. In Agents of Shield Season 3 Episode “The Inside Man”, it is revealed that the Australian government is holding an Inhuman captive illegally and his codename is SW4-7-2009. Manifold’s official comic book debut was in the Secret Warriors #4 released in the year 2009. Go figure.

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