5 Reasons Why We Need More Deaths In The MCU

Isn’t it weird that all the superheroes in the MCU films are made to be an Avenger in the end? Thank God Spidey refused to be an Avenger, now only he, the Winter Soldier, Black Panther and Doctor Strange are the ones who aren’t Avengers. They too will be fighting alongside the Avengers in the upcoming Infinity War. Here we give you reasons why we need to have more deaths in the MCU movies:

Will Show Thanos’ Strength

Thanos undoubtedly is going to be a really bad character. With him taking the Marvel phase 3 to its end, the MCU needs to have and probably will have some of the big heroes fall by the end of the second part of the film, it could very well be anyone of the Avengers Prime too, Cap, Thor and Iron Man.

New Leaders

Yeah, we love how Captain America leads the Avengers and Tony Stark shapes the whole universe, but it’s a bit too much if you ask us. The faces become old and people need to have new leaders so that it is Marvel or the characters that the people are connected to and not just the actor in the suit.

Death, Just The Beginning

Well, a death many times is just the beginning. Meaning a death of a character sets the film to a totally new phase. Be it Agent Coulson’s death motivating the Avengers to come together or be it Quicksilver dying and saving Hawkeye, both deaths made a good impact and gave the heroes and the fans a great cinematic moment to remember. And of course Yondu, we all love you.

A True Sense Of War

What makes a film good is how much the audience can connect to it. Of course, we can’t actually feel the pressure that is always there in Hulk’s mind, but what we can feel is the desperation, the remorse, and the novelty that the characters and the story give us.

Breaks Monotony

Yeah, it feels good to hear Cap talk all big and Stark connecting the films, but that just makes the films more predictable, and sometimes even boring. People know that in the end, however big a problem, someone among the big guys is gonna save their ass, which at times is not what the fans want.

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