Transformers 5: How Long Has BUMBLEBEE Been On Earth? The Answer Will Shock You

There is no denial that Michael Bay’s have transformers movies have been huge box office hits and very profitable for the studios (Paramount) even though some of them had mixed reviews. The last two movies itself brought in a billion dollars each at the worldwide box office which has caused the studios to bring in more new projects for the future.

The upcoming installment of the franchise ‘Transformers: The Last Knight’ will be Bay’s final addition to the franchise. The Last Knight being the fifth installment of the transformers story still promises a new take on its production according to Michael Bay and the trailers released in the past. The footage shown at CinemaCon 2017 by the studios was totally new and teased new details about the upcoming flick.

According to THR, the footage begins with a scene set in Medieval England during some kind of a battle with flaming arrows flying overhead. A lone knight, standing on a cliff notices a giant robotic dragonfly fly by.

Transformers 5: How Long Has BUMBLEBEE Been On Earth? The Answer Will Shock You

Another clip shows a few kids in the modern say looking towards a robot wreckage, similar to the scene shown in the second trailer. They are attacked by a robot drone but Isabella Moner’s  character saves them along with her Vespa robot buddy Squeaks. Cade Yaeger (M. Wahlberg) then distracts the drone long enough for everyone to escape along with a transformer known as Canopy who is on the verge of death. Cade is then captured by a military personnel, who try to make him reveal where his transformer friends are hidden.

The final bit of the footage shows Anthony Hopkins’ character who lives in England. He is accompanied by a transformer aka Cogman, who is British and Hopkins’ character mentions that Cogman was in World War 1 and jokes that it suffers from robot dementia. He also reveals that he met Bumblebee when he was a boy.


Now, this for a fact tells that Bumblebee has been on earth long before the events of the first Transformers movie. Bumblebee was a Camero when he was first encountered in 1977. But this little detail reveals that bumblebee has been on earth at least since the 1940s which could very well set up the upcoming BUMBLEBEE SPINOFF within the past even before the events of Transformers 1.

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