7 Times BATMAN Needed Help To Survive A Major Crisis

Batman may seem like he possesses superpowers and that’s because of his technical intelligence and high-tech approach to his heroic persona. He does not fear to get into inconvenience with characters like Superman and others. The Dark Knight has required a delivery remaining alive. He may be equipped for going up against his adversaries, however here we are covering seven major instances where Batman was rescued by other comic book characters.

1. Huntress – Hush


We already talked about one instance where Batman needed some help in the Hush storyline. While Catwoman would save him later on, at this point she herself was under the control of Poison Ivy. Batman was pursuing her, in an attempt to figure out what was going on, when someone cut the line he was using to swing between buildings and that’s when he fell down and was surrounded by criminals.

On any great day, Batman would have been very equipped for taking care of the battle all alone, however falling the stature of a building will prompt to anybody having an off day. Huntress stuffed the harmed very rich person into the Batmobile and sent him off for Alfred to get him back to wellbeing.

2. Damian Wayne


This third and last occurrence of Robin sparing his guide is considerably more noteworthy in light of the fact that this time around it was Bruce’s child Damian Wayne behind the cover. However, even with that blood bond between the two, there was huge erosion amongst them and Damian was straying over toward the Court of Owls and Talon.

It happened in the Batman versus Robin vivified film, and in the long run prompted to Talon invading the Batcave and assaulting Batman. Batman got to be overpowered by the assault, and Talon was very nearly slaughtering the Dark Knight. Damian was ready to set aside his disparities with his dad, however, he battled off Talon to spare his father.

3. Spider-Man


Spider-Man and Batman have always delivered brilliant storylines to their fans where they also collaborated to stop Joker and Carnage. Amazing Spider-Man included a little cameo replaying a well-known scene in a back road highlighting a young boy and his folks. They were being burglarized by a man with a firearm. The kid’s dad was going to be shot when Spider-Man seemed to stifle the criminal. For perusers who didn’t discover the reverence sufficiently evident, one of the boards likewise demonstrated the kid wearing a shirt with Batman’s logo on it, so everybody comprehended that Spider-Man had quite recently ceased Joe Chill from slaughtering Bruce Wayne’s folks. So as it were, Spider-Man spared Bruce from getting to be Batman.

4. Green Arrow

A face-off between The Man of Steel and the older Batman almost ended badly with Superman trying to avoid killing The Dark Knight. But then an appearance of an expert marksman, Green Arrow totally flipped the fight upside down, when he fired a Kryptonite arrow at Superman rescuing Batman. Otherwise, Superman could have taken his toll.

5. Joker

The ‘Emperor Joker’ storyline was a shocker to Batman fans when Joker possesses incredible superpowers gaining control over time. That’s when he takes over a country China and look forward to killing The Dark Knight. And later on he pushes Batman into the mouth of death, but then he didn’t want to leave his dead archenemy there. However, Joker rescued his enemy to kill him again, but this shows how Joker does want his rogues to die alone.

Well, the list does not end here, The Dark Knight was rescued several times in his history. And the characters who rescued him are, Jason Todd from ‘The Arkham Night’, Equinox from ‘The Brave And The Bold’, Robin from Detective Comics #644, Talia Al Ghul from Detective Comics #411, Superman from ‘A Death In The Family’, Alfred Pennyworth And Lucius Fox from ‘Batman Begins’, Poison Ivy from ‘Arkham Knight’ and Wonder Woman from ‘BvS’.

6) Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy’s intentions have never been deteriorating against humans and she is one of the most distinctive villains in the comic book world. In ‘Arkham Knight’ game, Scarecrow releases a poisonous gas in the Gotham City, which chokes people including The Dark Knight. And that’s when Ivy’s plants helped save the city by cleaning the air and saving Batman.

7) Superman

Superman has always been the one to be trusted upon when it comes to saving the world and people, including Batman. In one of the storylines, things get worse after Joker kills Jason Todd. In order to capture Joker, Batman chases the clowned prince and takes help from Superman. During a fight with Joker in a helicopter, Batman falls down in an ocean with Superman saving him from drowning.

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