Dwayne Johnson Teases His New DC Villain Character

Although Justice League has just finished filming, other DCEU films have not yet been lucky enough to reach that finish line as of yet. The upcoming Shazam is only in its scripting stage but the film has been gaining a lot of attention due to one famous star- Dwayne Johnson.


Shazam may not have a hero yet, but the film does have a very popular action star for the role of villain. Dwayne Johnson is set to play the role of Black Adam and it seems like he may be the only person to get any updates about how the upcoming film is progressing. For instance, we learned that the film would be released as late as 2019 which DCEU has not yet confirmed. The superstar also said he has “been preparing for Black Adam since 8 years”.


Black Adam is the constant nemesis of Shazam. He is more than a few centuries old due to his magical powers. Like his nemesis Shazam, Black Adam started out as being an apprentice to the wizard Shazam during the Egyptian times, but soon became greedy with his all wielding powers. For this reason, the wizard Shazam banished him into the most distant star in the universe. He returned back to Earth 5000 years later, with the ambition of ruling the world. Of course, he finds that a little hard as Shazam is there to defend the Earth.Johnson had said of his role,

“He’s an anti-hero and his core comes from being a slave. And when you have that foundation… he wasn’t born into greatness like superheroes. He was born in a humble way, enslaved”

Dwayne Johnson

Johnson has been seeing a career high with films such as Moana and the Fast And Furious franchise. An addition like Shazam only proves that the actor has been making the right choices with his movie and hopefully, we will see more of him in the upcoming DC Extended Universe.

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