Hulk Vs Thor: The Winner Of This Fight Will Surprise You

Out of all the comic characters in Marvel, Hulk has been a favorite among fans to be included in grudge/fantasy matches. And this is for good reason, Hulk is a gigantic mass of a being that just seems to get bigger and stronger the angrier he gets. And that is a massive advantage to have in a fight, even in fantasy ones. The Norse god has been a well-matched opponent to the green giant in the comics, although many of their fights have finished with an undecided result.

Hulk vs Thor

Fans have often argued about who would be a champion to his opponent, but no real conclusion from passionate fans. The comic writer Stan Lee has revealed who he thinks would be the better opponent during a Q&A with KJ Ricci, a Leukaemia survivor who interviewed his idol at Rhode Islands Comic Con. As Lee is the co-creator of both Hulk and Thor, he has some introspective into what each character offers on the table in a fight. Lee said:

“I would have to say Thor, because as strong as Hulk is, he’s still a mortal. Thor is one of the Norse gods!”

Hulk vs Thor

Lee makes an important point of why the Norse God would win. Although Hulk proves to be a powerful fighter with his super strength and size, he is in the end still a mortal man. Bruce Banner is a mild-mannered human being who just turns into an angry green giant, while Thor is an actual God. There is always a chance of a mortal man dying at the hands of a god for the unfortunate fact that he can.

Hulk vs Thor
Hulk vs Thor

Many would also argue that Hulk has a lower chance of losing his life when he has transformed into an enraged monster, given that the hero has shown such a skill in the comics. And Thor being a god does not actually prove of his capability to win the fight, as the green giant has as much strength as the Norse God. Fans may always wonder who would win this fight, but at least we now know where Stan Lee stands.

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