Deadpool & Spiderman – The Most Compatible Superhero Tag Team?

Ryan Reynolds delivered a performance of his lifetime in the movie Deadpool, pleased the fans longing for it by hitting all the right notes. It has been the most successful Ryan Reynolds film in his entire career, the global box office collections have surpassed $800 million while the cost of production was less than $60 million. It holds the record for highest ever R-rated movie ever, surpassing opening day weekends for any movie in X-men universe. Such an incredible showing at the global box-office immediately spurred the talk of a possible sequel, the studio has admitted to the possibilities of bringing Cable or a potential crossover of Deadpool with X-force.


In the latest Marvel comic titled Spiderman/Deadpool #6, Deadpool has gone to extreme lengths in ridiculing everyone around him including himself. The plot is about Deadpool getting to know that a film is being made based on his life, he goes to Hollywood with Spiderman and blowing the shit out of the producers and writers. He is a stuntman in his own movie. He trolled Batman v Superman non-stop, he said: “None of that made sense, why were they fighting one minute, then best friends the next.” To this Spiderman replied, “Don’t worry about the scene that set up the next eight movies.” In the end, Hollywood producers end up making a movie titled Nighthawk v Hyperion: Yawn of Boredom.

deadpool & spiderman

There is also speculation that we may see a crossover of Spiderman with Deadpool in the future. As of now, we will see if Marvel and Sony collaboration will work or not on Spiderman. If it does work, it will give Fox confidence to bring Deadpool and Spiderman together onscreen, there was a plot where Deadpool went inside the mind of a Spiderman and the term “Spidey-pool” became popular in comic-world. In another comic, they took down the most fearful villain of all time – Dormammu.

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