Game of Thrones Season 6: Does “the North” Really Remember?

It’s been a long time that House Stark ever registered a significant victory, they have spent more time grieving than fighting their enemies. We are told by the show-makers D&D umpteen times that there is “the North Remembers” plotline in the pipeline, but every time Stark forces and allies land themselves in a far deeper crisis.

In season 1, King Robert came to Winterfell and asked Lord Eddard Stark to be the hand of the King after Lord Arryn died under mysterious circumstances. He took the charge at King’s Landing but soon discovered that the ancient city is rife with corruption, treachery, and moral decadence. He found out terrifying secret about former Hand, how Lannisters are calling the shots from behind and undermine King Robert’s throne. When he tried to fix things, he was cornered and later beheaded for being a principled Knight. This created a stir in the North, and Stark loyalists joined forces to portray a unified front under the leadership of Robb Stark (King of the North). They tasted some initial success in terms of territory, but again they shot themselves in the foot as they entered into a trap laid down by the Lannisters with Walder Frey, Robb Stark, and Caitlin Stark were brutally murdered at the “Red Wedding”. It broke the camel’s back and completely demoralized the remaining forces who survived the incident.

In season 5, we were expecting that Sansa Stark will finally play Game of Thrones as she demonstrated her foxiness and saved little finger from the small council at Eyrie when he pushed Lysa Arryn off the edge. Instead, she was married off to Ramsay Bolton who sexually assaulted her, made her flee Winterfell along with Theon Greyjoy. The season 6 trailer is out which showed Sansa is with House Stark loyalists (probably Umbers or Karstarks) and trying to unite dividend factions to orchestrate an all-out assault against the Boltons. Will she become Queen of the North?

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