Dean is the Fan Here!

Surprise! Surprise! Who would have guessed that the all famous Dean Winchester is a great fan of wrestling? It was real fun to watch Dean get so excited about seeing someone else, that too who is not a pornstar.

Finally, we have a normal supernatural episode where it is ‘the brothers against evil’. It was good to see the boys enjoying the wrestling match, it felt kind of normal. But Dean’s expression when the kid got Lawless’ gloves instead of him, was hilarious. He looked like a kid who was denied candy. And Dean getting drunk?! Well, that is a first. But this episode did not have that much of a mystery. Them showing the demon slip something to Lawless was enough clue for us, the steady followers of supernatural, to guess who the demon was. Dean, getting beaten by his favourite guy was a sight to watch. Fortunately he has good convincing skills. Or he would have been dead meat at the hands of Lawless. After a normal hunter work, now Dean has become more determined to save Cass from Lucifer.

Coming to Lucifer, the way he treated Crowley is just outright evil .Of course, him being the devil, it is his nature. Asking Crowley to lick and clean..EW! that was gross. One can imagine, how much Crowley is pissed off at Lucifer. The doublecross is something which was bound to happen. Two of the great evil forces going against each other. Too bad Crowley did not know that ‘the hand of God’ is a one time shot. SNAP! Another hand-of-God wasted! When will you realise that Amara is the main villain here. Stop fighting amongst yourselves already. You can always get back to that after defeating Amara. Once again, Misha’s acting is applaudable. The same body language as the previous Lucifer, the cunningness..Bravo! Let us wait and watch if Amara is gonna be silent or come back with a bang!

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