Ethics Policy

A business model is very important for our sustenance. But in addition to that, we have adopted a code of ethics to govern the conduct of our team members and those we work with.

QuirkyByte Media is an organization that loves entertainment. It is this love for entertainment, that we bring awesome content to our viewers in terms of movies, tv shows, news clippings, and other things.

Our readers and sources both need to have the utmost confidence in the accuracy of our journalism; the fairness of our reporting process; and the independence of our news judgments from the influence of advocates and financial supporters. We are an independent organization and our revenue stream comes from paid advertisements on our articles, videos, and websites.

Our ethics policy bolsters our revenue model and not hinders it. Here is our code of ethics. To build trust our journalists and content creators will:

  • Accurate, Error Free, Transparent, and Plagiarism Free: Verify facts, figures, and quotes. Learning from our mistakes and if any errors are seen, report to All sources will be verified and double-checked. Work without bias, and have plagiarism free content. Always value readers’ discretion.
  • Reliable, ethical, and Transparent reporting: All sources, facts, and speeches will be verified, not distorted or their context changed. All sources will be independently verified to check their authenticity. Compassionate coverage, with reliable facts.
  • Independent Conclusions: To express our views we do not accept gifts or seek any favors. Our primary goal is to get facts to our readers. For that, we need to have no bias and independent thought process.
  • Our advertisers do not affect our reporting: We make sure none of our advertisers, affects our reporting. In case of any content, which is sponsored or branded, is labeled as such, so the viewer can see it. We do not indulge in fake promotions.

We believe that we live in a complex business environment, where we will need to change the scope of these ethical policies. We will keep growing and never breach our ethical boundaries. We care for our readers.


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