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    25 Magically Funny Harry Potter Tumblr Posts That Will Make You Laugh Hard

    Harry Potter is a masterpiece, an international best-seller and a source of inspiration for aspiring writers and film-makers. The craze for Harry Potter books and movies will never ever fade. Fans admired every single character and are obsessed with them. So here we bring you some of the funniest Harry Potter Tumblr posts that will make you laugh out loud: LOL! Oh Yeah!…

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  • NewsX-Men Tumblr Posts

    27 Funniest X-Men Tumblr Posts That Only A True Fan Will Understand

    X-men series is the most beloved mutant superhero movie series. The X-Men are the flagship franchise of Marvel Comics. They have been sticking around since Marvel Comics gained popularity. Check out the funniest X-Men Tumblr posts that will make you laugh hard: I Don’t Understand!!   That Look! X-Men Halloween Party!   This Will Never Be Ok! Absolutely! What The Hell!…

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