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    Marvel is Officially Turning Hawkeye into a Supervillain

    Hawkeye turning into a Supervillain: Hawkeye is sort of an underrated character in the MCU, but the comics and the animated shows have really used him much better. He is the wise-cracking Avenger in Marvel’s Avengers Assemble animated series. The MCU has kept him a bit grounded and gritty. But the comics are now turning him into an outright supervillain.…

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    10 Awesome Comic Book Supervillains Coming To Screens In 2018

    2017 was a good year for superheroes. 2018 is all poised to be even better. Movies like Avengers: Infinity War, Black Panther, and Aquaman are already creating so much buzz. With so many comic book movies hitting the theaters this year, let us have a look at all the supervillains our favorite superheroes will be crossing paths with. Thanos –…

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