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  • NewsSpider-Man 3 Theory: How Peter Discovers The Multiverse?

    Spider-Man 3 Theory: How Peter Discovers The Multiverse

    Fans have patiently waited for Marvel’s Phase 4. With much anticipation, Marvel kicked off its Phase 4 with WandaVision. Initially, the show felt like it is being dragged. But eventually, the show picked up its speed. WandaVision is Marvel’s first-ever Disney+ series. The show has successfully established Wanda as the Scarlet Witch. Elizabeth Olsen first appeared as Wanda in 2015’s…

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    Spider-Man 3 Theory: Ned’s Hobgoblin Will Be Original’s Successor

    The Sinister Six are a part of Spider-Man’s rogue gallery, rather it is a group name used to represent the combined force of the rogue gallery. The group normally consists of Doctor Octopus, Vulture, Electro, Mysterio, Sandman, and Kraven the Hunter. Members have changed over the years but this group name has been a thorn in the side of Spider-Man…

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