Sirius Black

  • MoviesHarry Potter Moments

    The Most Heart-Wrenching Harry Potter Moments

    The series might have just started with a cool, easy, unicorn-like story filled with colors and somewhat purity but JK Rowling threw that idea out of our heads quite clearly in her fourth book. Death and destruction hold a dark space in all of our hearts and these are also the very emotions that unite us too in the darkest…

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  • MoviesSirius Black’s Death in Harry Potter

    The Plot Hole That Led to Sirius Black’s Death in Harry Potter

    Sirius Black’s Death in Harry Potter: Sirius Black is one of the most loved characters in the Harry Potter series and his death in the fifth book- Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is the most tragic part of the book. Sirius is one of those characters that are unmistakably flawed and yet you can’t help but fall…

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