• Newsamazing facts about human body

    20 Amazing Facts About The Human Body

    The human body is a marvel in itself. With over five litres of blood, 60% of water, 206 bones and a ‘100 billion cells’ sized nervous system, without mentioning the other long lists of known facts, it is one of the most complex and sophisticated ‘machines’ that mankind has come across. Although certain new discovery about the human body pops…

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  • Newsdreams we get to share with everybody else

    7 Dreams We Get To Share With Everybody Else

    Statistics reveal the fact that we spend almost 1/3 of our life sleeping and dreaming. “A waste of time”, you may think. What is worse is that 90% of the dream that we supposedly had is lost in the first minute we wake up. However, we manage to remember that 10%, sometimes in terms of images, other times in terms…

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