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    Top 10 Most Inspiring Movies based on Freedom

    All of us are bound by something in our lives and to be completely free seems like a utopian concept. These movies show us the struggle of people who are fighting to be free either from a cage, a tyrannical regime or their own limitations and it is very inspirational and emotional for us to watch. Here’s a list of…

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  • SocietyIndia 69th Indpendence Day

    After the 69th Independence Day of India, I still feel we are slaves!

    I want to return to the era where the students were enthusiastic about the celebration of Independence Day. The week long preparation for the march past ceremony, saluting the hoisted flag, watching kids perform on patriotic songs, that marked the celebration of the big day. Every school, every college, every street decked up with the tricolour, smell of fresh flowers,…

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