Fifty Shade of Grey

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    50 Shades Of Grey Full Movie to Watch

    Fifty Shades of Grey is an American movie which was released in 2015 as an erotic romantic drama film which is directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson, and screenplay done by Kelly Marcel. The film is based on a novel written E. L. James’ published in 2011 with the title named Fifty Shades of Grey. The entire 50 Shades Of Grey Full movie features Dakota Johnsonas Anastasia Steele…

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    23 Absolutely Illogical Things In Fifty Shades Of Grey

    Though a worldwide phenomenon, Fifty Shades of Grey is far from being perfect or even great for that matter. Here we have compiled a list of 23 absolutely illogical things that happened in Fifty Shades of Grey: Anastasia Steele. The girl “cums” like the speed of “The Flash”. Fifty Shades of Grey has deceived everyone about BDSM. It isn’t forced,…

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    5 Sex Toys Used In Fifty Shades Movies You Should Definitely Try

    Although the Fifty Shades of Grey series has gotten a lot of criticism, one thing even critics can’t deny is the series’ influence on sexual curiosity. A huge chunk of the audience learned about the use of sex toys from the movie. Here are the five that were used in the film Fifty Shades: Blindfolds Blindfolds are the first objects…

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