• NewsPhoto of Ten Ways to Fight Your Fears

    Ten Ways to Fight Your Fears

    We as a whole know the tale of Batman, the anecdotal saint that goes to bat for equity and lives in respectability. The reason he got to be Batman? He needed to face his apprehension of bats by transforming his serious trepidation into a wellspring of unbelievable quality. Indeed, even the most valiant individuals have fears to overcome. Is it…

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  • NewsPhoto of 6 Rare and Unusual Phobias

    6 Rare and Unusual Phobias

    Phobias are irrational fears that an individual may hold for different situations/ objects/ persons/ animals or more. There are various types of phobias that people suffer from. But can our general fears be classified as phobias? Not exactly. Phobias come under the umbrella of anxiety disorders and are actual matters of concern. Though these phobias may seem unusual and maybe…

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