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    6 Rules To Remember Before You Hit the Buffet

    Most of us enjoy the usual, safe, à la carte. But some of us relish the good old buffet. I personally love a grand buffet. There are so many choices! Why order just one dish of lamb when you can have chicken and fish too? However, there are some rules which should be kept in mind while eating at a…

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  • FitnessWhether you’re cycling on a medium range or during an intensive workout, it is obvious that your performance will be related to what you have eaten previously. An average cyclist burns out 300 calories an hour, therefore you can eat without worrying about getting fat.

    Pedal to the Medal…But make Sure You Eat First!

        A diet based on carbohydrates is usually recommended for anyone that practices cycling, as these substances can be easily transformed into glycogen by the human body. Glycogen is the main source of energy for the muscles and the absence of this element is the main cause of exhaustion. Potatoes, rice, pasta and bread are examples of carbohydrates that…

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