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    Beautiful Married Hollywood Couples

    Hollywood has its share of adorable couples that have stood the test of time in stable marriages. This is not an easy fete given that most of the relationships between celebrities often hit the rocks after short stints of romantic bliss. Some well-regarded couples make heads turn whenever they are mentioned as we will see in the few mentioned below.…

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  • NewsHarry Potter Couples

    30 Insane Fan Redesigns of Unexpected Harry Potter Couples

    J.K. Rowling has introduced some super cute relations that keep a sense of romance on throughout the Harry Potter series. The story includes many love stories and adorable couples. But the Potterheads have always gone so far from the imagination and brings the unexpected couples together. Here’re some of those unexpected Harry Potter couples which fans took it to another level:…

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  • NewsAvengers Couples

    33 Insane Fan Redesigns of Unexpected Avengers Couples

    We have seen Avengers fighting for their people, so busy in responsibilities and other kinds of stuff but we have never imagined them together romantically linked to each other. Here we bring you the awesome but really insane fan redesigns of Unexpected Avengers couple that will blow your minds: Maria Hill And Black Widow Black Panther And Cap Black Widow…

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  • Societyhangrid-together

    Best Lesbian Youtube Couples Of All Time

    YouTube is a mystical land which shows magical beings around the globe. It has videos of people from every set of life. You can go to see a music video but before you know it you’re watching a puppy talking like a human. Do you have any regrets? No. This post is about the lesbians of YouTube, the rebels who…

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