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    20 Funniest Batman And Superman Comic Memes

    Superman and Batman have worked together many times in comics to neutralize a larger threat. In their debut on the big screen together, they put up a decent show if not the best. Here’re some of the funniest Batman and Superman comic memes that will make you laugh out loud: 1. Oops!! 2. Haha!! 3. Burn!! 4. Aww!! 5. OMG!!…

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    Captain Marvel “Earth’s Mightiest Mortal”

    Captain Marvel DC: Billy Batson was a normal kid with nothing special to boast about. But then something happened that sealed his fate with a weird twist as Batson became the avatar of Gods. In the Rock of Eternity, sits the Wizard Shazam, who saw in Billy a kindred soul who could be turned into a force for good. Billy,…

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