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    15 Hilarious Memes of 2020 on Black Widow

    Marvel‘s Black Widow should have really hit the theatres by now. It was finished and ready to be released on May 1, but then the Coronavirus shut down every theatre chain throughout the world.  We’ve been wondering what will be the worst case scenario if COVID-19 doesn’t allow Black Widow to hit theatres in November either. Will Marvel delay it…

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    30 Funniest Black Widow Memes That Will Make You Giggle

    Marvel Cinematic Universe is full of loveable heroes now, but there is one character that we have loved throughout her time in the MCU, right when she first appeared in Iron Man 2. Black Widow is one of the most epic heroes of the MCU and is a kick-ass assassin and a great spy. We all love the character just…

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