5 Marvel-lous Captain America Stories You Probably Don’t Know About

Captain America may be the most honest of superheroes due to his origins. But the man has gotten himself into some crazy situations that would drive a sane person a bit crazy. Here are five mind-bending Captain America stories you need to know about:

He Watched Richard Nixon Kill Himself

In Captain America #175, Captain America went political in a story closely related to Richard Nixon’s Watergate scandal. The villain was a hooded figure who revealed himself to be the “holder of a high political office”, the leader of the Secret Empire. Steve was so shocked to stop his “Number One” from shooting himself to death. The indication was that it was Nixon.


That Time He Became A Werewolf

In Captain America #402-#408, the Capt transforms into a werewolf due to a mad scientist who wants to turn the population into werewolf slaves. Turns out, the mad scientist worked for a druid who wants to be the ruler of all the were slaves. A bit stupid as a story but it featured a werewolf flying across a city in Captain America’s suit.


Captain America Vs Frankenstein

In Invaders #13, Captain teamed up with the Sub-Mariner and the early, pre-Fantastic Four Human Torch. The Human Torch was artificial intelligence aka a robot who took it personally that the Nazi’s were resurrecting Frankenstein’s monster. That’s right, the centuries old Mary Shelly created monster was a patsy for Nazis. But it didn’t last long, as the monster turned on his creators. Coincidence to his original story? The Captain did suffer a few punches from the monster.


Captain America-The Cross Dresser?

The Captain has dressed in ladies clothes more than once. In Captain America Comic #2, he dressed as an old lady, even donning a corset with Bucky’s help to save an American war financier from the Nazis. The second time, Steve was trying to release a bunch of female superheroes who were stranded on an island by Superia.


Captain America Was a Cokehead

Captain America Stories

During America’s fight in the War on Drugs, he was victim to a bomb explosion in a warehouse full of cocaine. This messed up Steve’s body and showcased classic drug-abuser symptoms like paranoia, emotional instability, and catastrophic failures of hygiene, finally going completely nuts and forcing his fellow heroes to lock him up in detox.

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