James Wan Reveals The Big Twist In The Conjuring 2

The Conjuring 2 was released on July 10 and the movie is getting extremely positive reviews both from normal viewers and the critics. The movie is rock steady in the box-office and collected $40.4 million from 3,343 theatres in the opening weekend.

The Conjuring 2 showcases another incident that happened in the life of the ghost hunter couples Ed Warren and Lorraine Warren. The incident related to the movie took place in London (Enfield) in the year 1977. The Hodgson family experienced Poltergeist activities in their house and Ed and Lorraine Warren arrives there to study about the happenings.

In the movie, we are introduced to a single mother Peggy Hodgson and her four children. Her younger daughter Janet shows signs of possession and she is experiencing all sorts of strange things. Later it shows that the reason behind all these strange things is the spirit of Bill Wilkins, the previous owner of the house. Janet is possessed by Bill Wilkin’s spirit and that’s the reason behind her abnormal activities.

Now let us look at another aspect. We are also shown that Lorraine Warren is having visions of a horrifying nun. Lorraine first had the vision of the nun when she was at Amityville and later at her home. She again has that vision when she is in London and at last, it’s revealed that Bill Wilkin’s spirit is not causing the troubles. The real problem creator was Demon Valak (the nun) and Bill Wilkin’s spirit was just a fake deviation.

Lorraine saw the nun multiple times even before attending the Enfield case. How is it possible? How did the demon travel to Enfield house? Why is it following the Warrens everywhere? Well, James Wan has answers to all these questions. James Wan said that Lorraine is not being haunted by the demon in Amityville nor it is following the Warrens everywhere they go. What Lorraine sees is just a premonition of what is going to happen in the near future. So her vision about the nun in Amityville and her house were just a sign of action that was going to happen in Enfield. James Wan also said that some of the nun scenes were added only in the reshoots. James Wan also added that even though he had the complete outlook of the movie in his mind, one thing that he was not sure was about the physical appearance of the demon character.

He said, “And sure enough it cements it because the other option would be to do it very CGI-heavy, and I just didn’t want that at all. From talking to Lorraine (real life Lorraine) in passing, she mentioned a spectral entity that has haunted her in the house. And it’s this swirling tornado vortex with this hooded figure in there, and I remember hearing that and my first thought was ‘Oh crap, that’s going to be a CGI character.’ I didn’t want to do that. And so, it kind of took me awhile to cement in my head what this vision was. And it came across eventually in a very organic way. Because it is a demonic vision that haunts her, that only attacks her, I wanted something that would attack her faith. Something that would threaten the safety of her husband. And so that was eventually how the idea of this very iconographic image of a holy icon cemented in my head.”


Joyal Jose

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