How To Write 5 Paragraph Essay In 1 Hour

The problem of modern society is the lack of time. Though every person has around 16 hours for daily activities, this amount is often not enough to do everything scheduled. On this account, time management becomes a significant component of life.

When you set time for a certain activity, it does not mean that you limit yourself. On the contrary, it is a kind of stimulation to be more organized and focused on the task. Obviously, it is referred to activities that do not cause difficulties in the course of accomplishment. Writing a custom essay is not an easy task but it does not require a plenty of time. A proper approach to this task will save you much effort and save time for other scheduled activities.

Still, it is possible only in case of strict control of time and mind. Concentration on the chosen topic should be as high as possible. Any issues and thoughts not related to writing must be brushed away. Otherwise, they can distract you and ruin the entire process. So, you’ve got one hour to compose five paragraphs to a certain topic. The challenge begins.

Time Control

Timeframes should not restrict your capabilities but disclose the potential. Therefore, make sure to have a stopwatch or just a regular clock to control the writing process. It is recommended to break one hour into intervals specified for a certain task including the collection of data, making of structure and the very writing.


It goes without saying that all distracting sources like TV, radio, music must be off. Still, if you know that the performance of your work increases when listening to a certain music (opera, instrumental classics etc.), you are free to deploy such useful doping. Indeed, some creations by Mozart or Back do help concentrate on a certain task.

Sitting position and required tools are also essential. It is better to get everything prepared in advance not to abstract yourself from the writing process.


In this context, relaxation differs from one experienced on the massage table or in a sauna. It is mostly referred to making mind at peace. Any bothering thoughts related to a daily routine are the distraction and must be avoided. So, before to start, take a deep breath, relax your mind and direct all your thoughts and efforts to one task namely the essay writing.

Five minutes for structuring

If you think that making a plan of your essay can take more than 5 minutes, you’re wrong. The structure may be rough and be adjusted in the course of writing. Nevertheless, it must reflect the principal theses to disclose in the text.


A decent beginning is a halfway covered. Not everyone would agree with such statement but there is some point in it. Introduction bears an important purpose namely to quicken interest in the reader.

Body Text

As soon as the first introductory paragraph is done, the body text comes next. When writing three principal paragraphs, you should understand that this part of the essay has to explain and uncover what is written in the title. It is recommended to fill the text with examples and comparisons to make it more vivid.


The above-mentioned stages should take 40-45 minutes. The final part compiles the entire essay. As a rule, it is enough to make a short summary of some pros and cons or just draw the conclusion. Do not drag out and try to hit 10 minutes.


The final stage of your essay writing should not be neglected. No one is proof against misprints, punctuation, spelling, grammar and other mistakes. On this account, 5-10 minutes for proofreading is a must to identify all possible loose threads of your work.


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