Vh1 K-Popp’d: 5 Big Bang Songs That Were Bang On!

With the never-ending K-Pop popularity, Vh1 brings to India songs from the most celebrated K-Pop band – Big Bang, in its special segment K-Popp’d. The extremely popular five-member K-pop act have released so many songs together that it’s hard to figure out what songs of theirs could ever be overlooked, but here’s our best attempt at picking Big Bang’s five most iconic Korean songs.

5. “Bang Bang Bang”

The synergy of the trap-pop track “Bang Bang Bang” is impossible to ignore.  Again showcasing the group’s penchant for duality, “Bang Bang Bang” brings back the bombast of “Fantastic Baby” for what has turned into Big Bang’s party anthem of 2015.

With an explosive modern EDM buzz, “Bang Bang Bang” is aggressively layered and fun and kicks off Big Bang’s new era.

4. “Monster”

The haunting “Monster” presents BIGBANG at their most dramatic: the uptempo track depicts a denial of one’s own nature. The concept of the music video brought the Big Bang members some of their craziest looks to date, which is hard to believe in comparison to “Fantastic Baby.” “Monster” acts as a modern interpretation of the late 2000’s sad, upbeat songs that really made it for the group.

3. “Lies”

BIGBANG’s first hit “Lies” began with a dial tone and was built around subtle piano, brassy percussion, and a clapping beat. Combined with the melodic, surging chorus and some rapid-fire rap, “Lies” took BIG BANG out of their comfort zone of R&B and hip-hop, and placed the act down the path into the realm of avant-garde experimentalism that they’ve become known for over the past few years.

2. “Haru Haru”

The hip-pop “Haru Haru” brought BIG BANG into the K-pop big leagues thanks to its evocative lyrics and memorable harmonies from the group’s vocalists. Thumping beats and the dramatic, conversational raps of “Haru Haru” released the heart-wrenching “Haru Haru,” a hip-hop ballad with a music video that still leaves fans in tears.

“Haru Haru” became one of South Korea’s most successful singles of all-time, hinting to what was to come from the group that could simply do no wrong

 1. “Fantastic Baby”

Immediately upon its release in 2012, “Fantastic Baby” was a game changer for the quintet. Everything from the early Big Bang catalog essentially led up to “Fantastic Baby.” Big Bang had already gone from basic K-pop boy band to headliners, and then in 2012 released an insane, anarchistic dance song that really pulled out all the electropop stops.


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