How to Upgrade to Business Class on American Airlines

Business class is something not everyone can afford. Especially the so popular American airlines, the company, which connects almost all the countries from four continents. I think everyone would like to get a more comfortable seat, better service and an ability to order various restaurant food for free. So if you want to feel yourself a president or at least a VIP at least for one day, use the following tips for upgrading to business class.

1. Use only one type of airlines

The loyalty to American airlines like joining the special program can turn into benefits of yours. Get the partnership card and you will have an advantage among the other, will be able at least to buy an upgrade for a very cheap price.

2. Pick the best time

Never travel during intense business seasons like autumn or spring. Try to put off your trip, for example, on winter holidays or any other celebrations, when the conferences and other meetings are very few.

3. Turn on your e-mail notifications

Getting an upgrade on the spot is the last way of being bumped up you want. Having obtained the premium class ticket in advance, you simply needn’t use the steps described below. You will not believe, but checking your mail may be one of the ways to get an upgrade. The offers of this type are sent even in minutes before the flight. So look out. You do not want to lose such an opportunity because of a lack of your responsibility.

4. Look great

No Gucci or Louis Vuitton is necessary (of course, if you have, put it on), but tracksuits, Nikes, and miniskirts will travel better in your suitcase. If you desire to get a premium ticket, have a look at the person who travels only by business class. Suit is not obligatory as well. Business casual will be perfect for the rich flight. Before asking for transference make sure, you at least have a chance.

5. Be polite

“Because of your smile, you make your life more beautiful” Why don’t you change the surroundings with the help of it? Stewardess will be more helpful if you turn your whole body to her, smile and politely ask whether there are any seats in business class because your neighbor is too loud. In addition, you can switch your place with somebody, if asked for. Who knows, maybe some couple made a mistake, bought tickets in different classes and now wants to sit together. Be helpful and it will return to you.

6. Get it as a compliment

There is another way to get an upgrade and, regretfully, it will not work if your flight was not delayed. Actually, being dissatisfied with any service the airlines offer, you are free to express complaints in any form (except a very rude one). Firstly, try to irritate the staff with your problem as often as possible. This way you will be remembered. Secondly, state a coherent demand. Like “I want the first class ticket”. This strategy will drive them crazy and at the same time will show the clear way out. In the end, both will be satisfied. Always use such an opportunity and never accept smaller compliments.

7. Do not book a seat

This way is the most dangerous and risky among all the rest. The single chance you have is that the flight is overbooked. Therefore, only the tickets of the premium class are available. If you are too late, you can miss the check-in or the company can just give all the upgrades to other people already. Usually, this is the way out for the personal no-rush trips.

8. Do not be afraid

Yeah, you may get “No” as an answer, but isn’t a business class seat with all its benefits at least worth a try? What is more, you will not lose your “precious” economy class, anyway.


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