15 Most Controversial TV Ads From Around The World That Show More “Skin” Than Product

Advertisements should always be attractive and appealing and by appealing, it means using sexual imagery. There have been so many commercials which were highly exaggerating and not to forget the use of women body. Here’re some of the TV Ads from around the world that show more skin than a product:

1. BMW- Germany 2001

2. Tuborg Beer- Denmark 1994

3. SFR- France 2004

4. WTF Soft Drink- Canada 2007

5. Newyorker Lingerie- Germany 2008

6. Samsung- UK 2008

7. Don’t Let A Puncture Ruin Your Day-  France 2007

8. Asirom Car Insurance- Romania 2010

9. Pepsi- Mexico 1999

10. Choco Party- Japan 2000

11. Lifestyles Condoms- US 2009

12. IKEA- Sweden 2000

13. Nivea Body Milk- Germany 2014

14. Fleggard- Denmark 2008

15. Stratos Chocolate- Norway 2000


Pooja Singh

Her belief lies in the power of elegant intentionality in this world filled with lurid colors.

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