TV Celebrities And Their Thoughts On Our National Language

Spoken as a native language by millions of people, Hindi is recognized as the 4th largest language in the world. While the entire nation celebrates the power of Hindi every year, leading Hindi movie channel, Sony MAX will be celebrating our national language with the world television premiere of the super-hit movie, Hindi Medium on 23rd September at 8 pm. Let’s have a look at what TV celebrities think about our national language.

Manav Gohil

Hindi is a core of our culture and literature. While India is getting closer towards western culture, there should be pride within each one of us that ‘I can speak Hindi’. Hindi is a very profound language. And I think no one should be ashamed to speak Hindi. In fact, in my show, Tenali Rama I speak only in ‘Shudh Hindi’ and to be honest I didn’t know certain words and its meaning till now. We need to speak in Hindi more regularly.

Hussain Kuwajerwala


If it would not have been for Hindi I would not have been working in this industry. Hindi on Indian Television is the whole and sole of it. I will not deny the fact that people are moving towards the trend of learning multiple languages and are more inclined towards English but it’s the responsibility of each and every individual to ensure that our National language does not vanish away. We need to constantly remind ourselves about it. My profession has a benefit that we speak in Hindi every day, but I think everyone can adopt Hindi whenever we speak to a larger section of the population.

Krishna Bharadwaj

As an actor, most of us lack the knowledge of Devanagari script. Most of the time we get our scripts in English. I guess we can encourage Hindi by giving the scripts to the actors in Hindi. I am fortunate enough that in Tenali Rama we get our scripts in Hindi. I think we can also encourage Hindi by giving the title and end credits of films and serials in Hindi only so that most Indians understand and feel connected to it.

Shruti Seth

Hindi is our national language and I think every child must be encouraged to know it as well as they know English. Parents and teachers should inculcate the habit of speaking in Hindi in children. Also, we must teach children how to read Devanagari script.

Soumya Tandon


Though our national language is Hindi, the usage of Hindi is fast diminishing in the modern world. For example, the scripts of TV serials and movies are not written in Devanagari script anymore. In fact, in metro cities too, we mainly communicate in English. Moreover, in bookstores as well Hindi books are not available anymore. It is upsetting to see the current plight of Hindi in our nation. However, let’s take a pledge this Hindi Diwas and encourage our children to speak in Hindi!


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