Things You Should Not Be Doing On A Date

Any date can always be the last because you never know what the girl might not like. But still, there are some universal rules that are best not to violate and expose yourself as an idiot. Of course, a date is quite an exciting event for the two of you, but you should try to be as natural as possible and be able to hold an interest in the girl. At first sight seems to be a fairly simple task, but in practice, very few people will be able to cope with this with dignity.

Do not be late. This is one of the essentials of what not to do on a first date. The first and important point that a man must avoid at all costs is to be late. It’s the woman’s prerogative to be late, she can afford to do it. When you are late for the date, the girl perceives it as if you do not respect her, you are not too interested in this meeting and you have things more important than her. Therefore, it is best to arrive 10-15 minutes earlier. If it happens so that you are late, tell her the reason clearly, but do not mumble or make up excuses. Apologize and do everything to make it clear that the situation really did not depend on you, and that the date is very important for you.

Uncertainty. If you want to know how to not be awkward on a date, learn confidence and plan ahead. If you just appointed a girl to a meet at a certain place, but you do not have any plan at all and you do not know what you will be doing next, then you have failed as a man. Even worse, if you start asking questions like: “Well, what are we going to do?”. This is a complete failure and a fiasco. You show the girl that you can not make an elementary decision and plan your date, what can we say about more serious things? You can be sure that if your companion offers you some solution, then you are likely seeing her for the last time, since at the first convenient opportunity you decided to shift all of the responsibility on to her.

Do not talk exclusively about yourself. If you start telling her your entire biography, then it will be boring and uninteresting to her. The girl will think that you are not particularly curious to learn something about her, and she is there as a listener, where you just pour out all the information. Try to learn something about her, ask questions, show that she is interesting to you, like a girl and as a person.

Do not complain. One of the things not to do on a first date is to complain. There is nothing worse than a male whiner. So even if you have a lot of problems at work, at home, with your self-esteem, and you generally hate this whole world, a girl should never have any guesses about it in the early stages of dating. Positive thinking and simple attitude to any complexities – that’s what she wants to see. Then she will know that if in the future you develop relationships, you will not fall into depression at any slightest crisis, but you will definitely know what to do about it.

Do not talk about your ex. You are dating a new girl, therefore, at this point in time, only you and she are to be discussed. Concentrate on this, and the topic of your former lovers should be avoided delicately. Do not talk nasty about your ex and do not call them, otherwise, your new date will think that if you part ways, you will deal with her in the same manner. Why do you need these memories now, if you are trying to build a new relationship with a new girl? Do not ask her about her ex-boyfriends if you do not want to put the girl in an awkward position nor do you offend her by swiping the pictures of top porn stars on your phone. If she wants to, she will tell you what she thinks fit. This is a topic that should not be spoken of at first. This is one of the obvious things of what not to say on a first date.

Do not be greedy. All girls really appreciate generosity in men and you just have to show it if you wish to win her over. What could be more terrible than a man refusing to pay for his date? If that is the case, the girl will regard this as you being too greedy to spend your money on her, which essentially guarantees that she will not bother figuring out some of your good qualities, as you will not have an opportunity to show them. This does not speak at all of her commercialism or how much of a gold digger she is. It only says that a girl should know and understand that you can and are ready to spend money on her, to please and pamper her with something occasionally.



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