8 Things You Should Know About Apple iPhone 8  

An iPhone is one of the hottest and smartest devices in the market used by millions of people across the world. Apple Corporation launched iPhone just 10 years ago and now it’s a multi-billion dollar property. The company is coming out with the next iteration of its flagship gadget. We can expect the announcement in a grand fashion as usual on September 12 at an event in Apple’s new complex, along with Apple Watch 3 and a new version of Apple TV.

The company presentation will also showcase the features of iOS 11 which is set to officially launch later this month. But all excitement is the successor of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Here’re 8 things you should know:

Three New iPhone models:

There are numerous media outlets and tech blogs reporting that Apple is taking a page from the iPad playbook for the launch of iPhone 8. The event will feature three products iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8, the first two will continue the 7 line while the latter is the “Pro” model.

Ditch the bezel:

The iPhone 8 is expected to minimize the bezel i.e front facing parts of the phone over the screen. The new iPhone will be able to fit 5.5-inch screen which is the usual size for Plus models.

No more home button:

The navigation tool which was launched by Steve Jobs when he first announced iPhone may no longer exist, atleast for iPhone 8. This new gadget is likely to have facial recognition technology for unlocking purposes. It is perceived to be a logical step for the company as home button became a sensor with forced feedback in case of iPhone 7. The new iPhone will get it rid all together and will have a small gesture menu much like Touch Bar on MacBook Pro.

Wireless charging:

It may introduce inductive charging pad like the one used by Apple Watch.

Camera placement:

The camera placement in iPhone is likely to shift as the iPhone 8 will adopt a two-lens layout with minor revisions. The camera can be rotated 90 degrees so it can be operated along phone’s right side.


If you want to buy this gadget, you should be ready to spend more money as the base model of iPhone 8 will cost you $999 against $649 for iPhone 7 and $769 for iPhone 7 Plus.

iPhone 7S will come first:

There have been production delays reported in iPhone 8 while iPhone 7S will hit the market by the end of September or early October.

OLED Display:


iPhone 7 sported an LCD display while iPhone 8 is expected to have an OLED screen like Samsung Galaxy series.

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