10 Supervillains You Didn’t Know Defeated Iron Man


The Incredible Hulk is a beloved hero who uses his rage to gets stronger and scarier. But most of the times, the Hulk is more of a threat than being truly incredible.

iron man

In World War Hulk, Hulk returns to Earth to have his vengeance against the Illuminati, the group responsible for his exile to Sakaar and the death of his wife Caiera. Upon his arrival, he creates arenas for gladiator matches, often pitting the mightiest heroes against each other. In one instance, he fought Iron Man, who was clad in the famous HulkBuster armor. But the rage within Hulk had reached such heights that Hulk destroyed the armor to smithereens while also destroying the Stark Tower in the process.

Doctor Doom

Victor Von Doom is arguably one of the best comic book villains in existence. With his super genius level intellect, mastery in the mystic arts and his expertise on a vast number of subjects, Doctor Doom is not the one to be messed with. Doctor Doom also has his own armor, which is a bit superior to that of Tony Stark’s.

In his face-off with Iron Man, Doom easily crushed the hero with his superior abilities. Doom manages to easily break into Iron Man’s highly protected base and playfully manages to block all his attacks with a simple wave of his hand.

But the shocking part of the face-off is that Doom had actually come to recruit Stark to track down the Skrull invaders, during the events of Secret Wars. Well, Victor Von Doom might be a genius scientist; he still has a long way to go in learning to ask nicely!

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