10 Supervillains You Didn’t Know Defeated Iron Man


MODOK, an acronym for Mechanized Organism Designed Only for Killing wastes no time in sharing pleasantries. With his oversized head and floating chair, MODOK may be mistaken for a goofy and a friendly robot, but with his genius level intellect, he has proved over and over again that he is a force to be reckoned with.

In Iron Man #74, MODOK is forced to deal with Iron Man’s suit which was taken over by the Thinker. Upon learning that the suit was being used to tail him by the Thinker, MODOK uses his genius intellect to track Thinker’s location, while also dragging Tony for a ride.

Doctor Octopus

What’s up with Spiderman’s antagonists and the not-so-beloved billionaire playboy? It seems like they have a special liking for Iron Man.

Doctor Octopus is a genius scientist but is also a vengeful man filled with rage and jealousy. When the mad scientist gets to know that Tony Stark managed to build futuristic armors loaded with insane firepower, his ego took a massive hit. To teach Stark a lesson, Octopus escapes from a prison by remotely using his mechanical tentacles. Upon hearing this news, Iron Man reaches to stop the break out only to be thrashed by him. Doc’s superior adamantium tentacles rip apart Iron Man’s armor to shreds. A defenseless Tony Stark literally crawls out, trying to survive.

Years later, Doctor Octopus again defeated Iron Man. Only this time, he decided to humiliate Tony by forcing him to grovel at his feet and call him ‘master’. Damn!

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