10 Supervillains You Didn’t Know Defeated Iron Man

[tps_header]Being one of the founding members of The Avengers and one of the smartest people alive in the Marvel Universe, Iron Man is a force to reckon with. With his countless suits of armor which are specialized to work in various circumstances and his genius level intelligence, Iron Man has proved his mettle numerous times. Iron Man aka Tony Stark has survived some exceptional battles in the past, surprising even his ardent fans. From standing up against the Mad-Titan Thanos to still being able to salvage his image from the terrible Iron Man 2 (Thanks to RDJ), Iron Man has come out victorious in most battles. But surprisingly, even the armor-clad genius had had his fair share of getting his ass kicked by a number of supervillains. Here, we present you the 10 villains who have defeated Iron Man in the past.



While Godzilla doesn’t even belong to the Marvel Universe, back in 1977, Godzilla appeared as the antagonist in Marvel Comics. Instead of being the protector of nature, Godzilla was depicted as a juggernaut that was hellbent on destroying cities.

In the comics, Godzilla arrived in New York City to satisfy his appetite for destruction. As the headquarters of The Avengers, it was up to them to stop the monster from laying waste to the city. But despite their best efforts, The Avengers were unable to stop the rampaging Godzilla. Even Tony’s ultra-futuristic beams were futile against the radiation powered beast. After utterly humiliating the earth’s mightiest heroes, Godzilla was persuaded by Rob Takiguchi, a young Japanese boy living in the United States, to go back to the sea, whence he came from.

Green Goblin

Though Green Goblin features mostly against Spiderman, there have been times when he faced Iron Man. In the Marvel Universe, Tony Stark is not the sole billionaire. From Black Panther to Norman Osborn, there are a few more billionaires who use their resources either for the protection of the innocent or to be a massive pain in the back. You know where Norman Osborn lies.

During the events of Secret Invasion, Norman Osborn cunningly placed himself in the league of heroes who protected the earth from a deadly Skrull invasion. After playing the role of a major hero, Osborn went on to replace Stark to be the new head of S.H.I.E.L.D.  As the invasion happened when Stark was the head, Osborn decided to rename the organization as H.A.M.M.E.R. and used all his resources to hunt down Tony Stark. In a desperate attempt to keep the confidential data away from Osborn’s clutches, Tony decided to wipe his own memory.

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