10 Marvel Superheroes Most Likely To Die In Avengers Infinity War

Iron Man

His odds of survival are definitely better than most. He is Tony Stark for crying out loud. But RDJ had reportedly been in talks with the Marvel Studios about letting go off the mantle of the Iron Man. Maybe after this movie, Tony Stark is no more Iron Man. Maybe he is living the quiet billionaire life in the New York suburbs or….. he is dead.


The God of Mischief has chiseled his way out of almost every situation. All he needs is one single golden opportunity to wager safe passage out of life-threatening scenarios. In the trailer, Loki can be seen offering up the Tesseract aka the Space gem to someone. Could it be Thanos? Will Loki outsmart the Mad Titan or will Thanos finally send Loki off to Valhalla?

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