10 Superhero Movies You Never Knew Are Hitting The Theatres In 2020

Green Lantern Corps

After the debacle that was the 2011 Ryan Reynolds starrer Green Lantern movie, WB still has faith in the Green Guardian from outer space. The Green Lantern Corps, as the name suggests, will focus on not just Hal Jordan but the entire Green Lantern Corps. Kyle Rayner and John Stewart are also set to appear. David S. Goyer is penning the script and the release date for the movie is July 24th, 2020.

It is termed as Lethal Weapon in space. The name of actor Armie Hammer was being discussed, first, he said that he was in the running but then he totally ruled it out and said nobody called him for the role. Another guy who is the role of Green Lantern is Tyrese Gibson (Fast & Furious). He said:

“Yeah, I would love to do it. Ya know I had a couple of meetings at Warner about it. I just think that they’re still trying to figure out what the move is. I would love to officially confirm but I can’t, and if they go in a different direction, I think they know what’s best for the movie, but the fans started this campaign and all I’ve done is made use of my social media to let folks know that I’m interested.”

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