10 Superhero Deaths of 2017 That Shook The Entire World


The Gifted TV show introduced us to the mysterious character of the Dreamer, a mutant with the ability to affect, manipulate and remove memories of other people. She was later captured along with Blink, Lauren, and Andy by Sentinel Services while breaking into a power station that powered a secret Black ops site. The director of the site, Dr. Campbell later killed the Dreamer when the Strucker kids refused to comply with his orders.



This death was too close to the heart for a lot of people. Logan ended with Logan’s death when he finally faced off against the Reavers and X-24, a better-cloned version of the current Wolverine. For once, Logan died fighting for something other than him. In the end, the one thing that Logan craved for most his entire life – a family, was gifted to him in the form of X-23 as he took his final breaths. His last words were – “So this is what it feels like….”

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