Steve Jobs’ Dream of Creating ‘Spaceship’ Office For Apple Will Soon Be Fulfilled

The new Apple’s $5 billion “spaceship” office has mesmerized everyone around the world with its design. Although the UFO-like headquarter can hold up to 12,000 employees, the company currently has 25,000 employees in the Bay Area. So, there’s not enough room for everyone on the ship. Which means not all Apple employees will move in to “the ring” (as referred by Apple insiders rather than the spaceship).

The building is about 3 miles from Apple’s current headquarter which is situated in Cupertino, Calif. headquarters at One Infinite Loop.

The company is leaving many employees in the dark as the plans for the move aren’t widely discussed. While some groups do know that they’re moving in, others are still waiting for their move-in dates in “the ring.”

“You don’t get told things here unless you need to know, and if you aren’t moving, you don’t need to know,” an employee told Business Insider.

The division between the movers and the ones left behind is creating a sense of two classes within the company.

The most valuable employees of the company will be moving to the spaceship office. Apple CEO Tim Cook, software developers and Chief Design Officer Jony Ive’s design teams will also be moving into the “ring.”

The less important divisions of Store Workers and retail operators are expected to remain where they were. This also means that these people will have to take Apple’s shuttle services to travel to other offices to attend meetings.

“The rest of us will still be taking silver van after silver van from building to building for all of our meetings, wasting time, gas, and space,” the Apple employee told Business Insider. “You would think one of the main points of a $5 billion campus would be to bring more people together in the same place.”


This huge 2.8-million-square-foot new building was the dream project of Apple Co-Founder Steve Jobs, who imagined it as “best office building in the world.”

But not everyone inside the company’s office is a fan of the new building. Some Apple engineers think that the new open floor plan will be too loud and distracting to work in.

But there are perks as well. This includes new food and gym facilities, state of the art theater for the presentations, a giant garden with fruit trees. Some special events like Apple’s semi-regular “beer bashes,” will also take place at the “ring.”

“Obviously very first world problems, but having such disparities in quality of workplace environment across the company creates an awkward hierarchy and lack of a unified company culture,” says the insider. “Facebook, Google, Airbnb (magnitude smaller, I know) crush Apple on this front.”

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