Stars Who Made Big Jump From The Internet To The Screens

MTV BEATS has had no looking back in the last year. With a stellar line up of shows and unique ideas to musically entertain its viewers, MTV BEATS has evidently been a step ahead in the game.

The channel manages to relate to its audience with distinctive ideas such as celebrity curated & theme based music shows. MTV BEATS has also brought to fore a very talented Youtube artist within few months of its launch. Taking a cue, we look back at some of the most entertaining Youtube stars who made the big leap to TV and movie screens early on:

The Rise of the Witty Sahil Khattar

Today, Sahil Khattar, one of the most significant influencers, has swept the audience off their feet with his witty comebacks and hysterical nature. Sahil Khattar hosts MTV BEATS’ trending show, Gaano Ka Rafu Center. It is a treat for the audience to enjoy music and be surprised by Sahil Khattar entertaining them in the most “Khattarnaak” ways!

AIB Stars

Having discovered their talent in the early years, Tanmay Bhat, Rohan Joshi, and other AIB members are the household name for younger generation today. They are the shining star from live gigs to being the epicenter of the popular show AIB.

The Charming Kanan Gill

The transition from a software engineer to a comedian is truly shocking! The audience is thankful, though, that this transition happened or we would never have Pretentious Movie Reviews, and his debut in the movie Noor soon after! 

“Why This Kolaveri Di..”

The sensational Anirudh Ravichander garnered 85 million views on Youtube with his song, Kolaveri Di’ that he composed when he was only 18 years old for Tamil star Dhanush!

Today he is a Telegu and Hindi song composer and songwriter and made his venture in playback singing! He has lately started his own Youtube channel which has whopping 30k followers.


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