The Stage 3: Shaurya Singh Reveals His Childhood Inspiration

In an exclusive interview with Quirkybyte’s Gourav Pilania, Shaurya from Stage 3 reveals about his childhood inspiration and life post the Colors Infinity show. At just the age of 19, Shaurya has been raising the bar with his incredible voice. It is surprising to know that he has never performed professionally and was extremely nervous to see so many experienced people all around him in the competition. He also got a chance to perform with the National team of Mumbai at a youth festival.

On The Stage 3 Shaurya is one of the most loved contestants who is a part of top 6. He enjoys tremendous female attention for his bass voice.

Quirkybyte: How did you develop your interest in western music?

Shaurya: I used to sing Bollywood before Stage 3 auditions. I used to listen to Elvis, AC/DC, Radiohead & all that from 6th grade. My friend gave me a pen drive which had these songs. I never tried singing these songs because I thought it wasn’t meant for me. I was inclined towards classical & Bollywood. I knew just two songs to play on my guitar. I never thought I’d come this far in this competition.

QB: Stage 3 is one of a kind platform. How do you feel that you have got the chance to showcase your talent?

Shaurya: It’s the only English reality show. I feel extremely lucky & now that I know that I can sing these English songs, I dig more deeper into the lyrics. I learned that you have to sing it from the stomach as well. Not just from the throat. I really thank the stage for this opportunity.

QB: What age did you realize that you are a singer or your parents realize that you have got this talent?

Shaurya: I realized that when I was in 4th standard. I sang ‘Pehli Nazar Mein’ from Race movie in front of the whole class.

QB: You used to sing Hindi songs. So why didn’t you take part in any Hindi talent show?

Shaurya: I don’t have a very high voice. So whenever I sing any Hindi song, I change it a bit so that it suits my voice and I do it in my style. I don’t think I was that comfortable.

QB: How has your journey been on the stage and how have you evolved as a singer or as a person?

Shaurya: More than a singer, I have evolved as a person. When I came here, I couldn’t express myself. I was a very shy person. So, I started expressing myself through the songs.

QB: How are the four judges & Shibani helping you?

Shaurya: They are awesome but I am really scared of 3 of them; not Monica. Shibani takes the side of the contestants which boosts our confidence.

QB: Who was your favorite singer growing up?

Shaurya: Initially I was very fond of Atif Aslam. As I started to explore more music, I really like Papon. In western music, it’s John Mayer. Elvis inspired me a lot as well.

QB: What do you plan to do after Stage 3?

Shaurya: After Stage 3, I have to learn a lot. I have already learned a lot but I need to learn the technical stuff. I would also look forward to do the voiceovers if I get any opportunities. I am also thinking about modeling.


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