9 Signs That Your Partner Is Emotionally Intelligent

Every individual would like that the person they love or they are attracted to an emotionally intelligent. Being emotionally bright can boost up once a relationship with his/her partner. Liking someone because they look good and being attached to someone emotionally are two completely different things.

Let me share my experience or a small couple story I discovered. Earlier before I never believed in relationships until I saw this. I was returning to my home from college in a train standing at one side of the door then I saw a couple standing there too. Firstly I ignored them because it is usual to see a couple. But after a few minutes, I noticed that the boy couldn’t hear and speak and they girl was using gestures to talk to him. I thought she is also the same. But she spoke and afterward, I was sure that she could hear too. The thing that amazed me was the emotional attachment they both had even with one’s disabilities. At that point of time, I did believe that true love does exist. So here are 9 signs that your partner is emotionally intelligent.

They are Emotional Sensitive

This is the first thing that every couple would want with their partners that they can read each other well. That your partner can sense what’s bothering you, what do you want, how you feel. And they solve your problem, make you feel less alone and comfort you.

They really try to get along the people you care about

Everyone has that one friend whose friend(s) they hated. So if one partner is into the other he/she will try to understand or engage with the people his partner care about. It shows that they understand the importance of other relationships in their partner’s life.

Help you spot a bad relationship in life

Partner will help you identifying toxic relationships. Life gets simpler with a partner who guides you and counsels the other with their life so that he/she can stand up for herself/himself in more healthy and well-thought ways.

They are the best listeners.

They really absorb each and every word you say, rather than waiting for you to finish your statements and then give you suggestions about it. Listening is sharing you’re your opinions play a vital role in the relationship.

They are never afraid to argue.

Partners that care will never back down from a pointing something wrong and be arguing about it. Being emotionally intelligent does mean they are perfect and would never point their partner’s mistakes. Someone always agreeing with a sound like sugar but it is also a sign of low interest and commitment. Intelligent people sit and talk about every detail of disagreement.

They are good at arguments

An emotionally attached partner will always argue on valid points and he/she will argue well. It might be possible they might say something that may hurt the other even if they regret saying that.

They are not impulsive

Sometimes being spontaneous is good it makes the relationship interesting but being too impulsive is not a cool thing in a relationship. Being too impulsive leaves a mark that you don’t care about the other person.

They know themselves and their limits

An emotionally intelligent person will always know their limits. They are going to get into the situation where they have to over-extend themselves.

They constantly focus on growing

Emotionally intelligent people always aim at grooming and being wise, including their relationships. Opinions and experiences always matter to them.

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