18 Amazing Fan Reactions of The Flash Season 4 Episode 1

The Flash Season 3 ended on a high with Barry Allen going into the Speed Force and Wally West taking up the mantle of the Flash and protector of the Central City. The CW has released an extended trailer and photos to The Flash Season 4 premiere which has been titled as, “The Flash Reborn”. Episode 1 has released and fans are going crazy with the episode. Check out these amazing fan reactions on the internet to The Flash Season 4 Episode 1:

Watched it yet?

Old Barry is dead!

Attack of the Samuroids!

Inner Struggle!

Tornado Twins!

Awkward and Beautiful!

Something’s Wrong!


Three Times!

This Hurt so Much!

Heart is Breaking!



Iris leads!


Get Your Tissues!


All together on the set!


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