15 Popular Celebs Who Got Brutally Dumped By Their Partners

Celebrity break-up and patch-up are really common to listen, but it feels really sad when they do that in a very harsh ways. Breaking up over a phone call to announcing about the splitting up with their partner online is way more brutal than anything else. Let’s check out the most popular celebs who got brutally dumped by their partners which is really sad:

1. Jennifer Lopez Got Dumped By Ben Affleck!

Just a Day Before Their Wedding

2. Ariana Grande Got Dumped By Jai Brooks

He Texted Her Right Before She Was Going on Stage To Perform! Sad!!

3. Blac Chyna Got Dumped By Rapper Future

He denied online that he ever went on date with her! Poor Chyna!!

4. Chantelle Connelly Got Dumped By Her Then Boyfriend Tommy Sayers on Facebook!

He announced that he no longer wanted to date her!!

5. Jennifer Aniston Got Dumped badly!

First Brad Pitt cheated on her with Angelina Jolie and then got dumped by John Mayer through a text message

6. Katy Perry Got Dumped By Rusell Brand!

He just texted her that he is going to divorce her on 31st December, 2011

7. Kris Humphries Got Dumped By Kim Kardashian!

She just dumped her after just only 72-days of their wedding and Kris found out that on media outlet TMZ.

8. Kim Got Dumped By Reggie Bush

He texted her saying that,” It’s not you, it’s me.”

9. Robert Pattinson Dumped Kristen Stewart

He found online about Kristen and director Rupert Sanders having an affair!

10. Minnie Driver Got dumped by Matt Damon

He announced about him splitting with Minnie on Oprah. This news shocked her!

11. Perrie Edwards Got Dumped by Zyan Malik

He texted her about breaking up with her and started dating Gigi Hadid!

12. Rita Ora got dumped by Calvin Harris on Twitter

He tweeted that they are no longer dating!

13. Sophia Bush Got Dumped By Chad Michael Murray

He cheated on her with Paris Hilton!

14. Taylor Swift Got Dumped By Joe Jonas

On the Ellen Show, she told how he ended up everything with her over the phone in just 25 seconds when she was 18!

15. Jordin Sparks got Dumped by Jason Derulo

He just made a quick call to dump her!


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