13 Popular Celebs Who Changed Their Religion For Love

We have always seen in movies and read the same in the books that people when are in love can do anything to make their life perfect together, even if they have to change their religion and beliefs. There are so many celebs in the industry who have once did changed their religion for love. Check out the list:

Katie Holmes- Catholicism To Scientology

Drew Barrymore- Christianity To Judaism

Ayesha Takia- Hinduism to Islam

Tom Arnold- Christianity To Judaism

Alicia Keys- Converted to Islam

Zooey Deschanel- Converted to Jewish

Elizabeth Taylor- Christianity To Judaism

Sharmila Tagore: Hinduism To Islam

Isla Fisher- Christianity To Judaism

Nargis Dutt- Islam To Hinduism

Lindsay Lohan- Christianity To Judaism

Ivanka Trump- converted to Judaism


Gladys Knight- Converted to Mormon Faith



Pooja Singh

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