This Mother’s Day, Laugh Out Loud With Your Mom While Binge Watching These 4 Shows On Comedy Central

A day dedicated to a person who raised and loved you unconditionally, an angel who will constantly protect you, and a blessing who will always be by your side. Yes, we are talking about Mother’s Day; an extraordinary moment where the world celebrates the existence of a soul like no other. This Mother’s Day, celebrate motherhood a tad bit differently. To all the sons and daughters out there, if you plan to relax and chill with your mom at home, we have the best possible P.O.A. Tune in to Comedy Central as they intend to treat viewers to a laughter riot. From the usual dose of 2 Broke Girls, FRIENDS and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the channel will telecast a hilarious comedy sitcom – ‘Great News’ (Season 1).

Why Mother’s must binge Comedy Central on Mother’s Day?


Moms can enjoy sugary sweet dialogues, whirlwind romance, and shed a tear or two watching the fun episodes of FRIENDS. We all love the characters of FRIENDS, what better way to spend time with your mom on Mother’s Day

2 Broke Girls

Don’t miss a tub of popcorn whilst binging on 2 Broke Girls! Max & Caroline will put moms on a roller-coaster ride of humour, being broke and challenges faced by youngsters.

Great News


Great News is one of the few series that doesn’t take long to get viewers hooked on. The story is centered around two women — Katie, a 30-year-old news producer who is desperate to earn some hard-hitting story assignments, and Carol, who is not only an intern at ‘The Breakdown’ but also happens to be Katie’s mother. Mother-daughter duos, get ready for a relatable tv show that springs out the bond of a beautiful relationship

Will & Grace

Mother's Day Comedy Central

Enjoy GIF-able moments with you mom on a show that’s based on platonic relationships. Will & Grace showcases glimpses of friendship, connections and a whole lot of fun elements that will crack up your mom.

Through a line-up of fun shows, spend a day with you mom and celebrate the occasion with a whole lot of laughter. Comedy Central wishes all mom’s a very Happy Mother’s Day!


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