30 Most Liked Pictures On Instagram That Will Blow Your Senses

Instagram is the biggest Social Media platform, which is not only used by common people but by celebrities too. As we all know Selena Gomez tops the list of having most followers from around the world, there are some pictures on Instagram that have attained a lot of attention from the public. So Here we bring you the most liked pictures on Instagram that will blow your mind:

Selena’s Fantastic Selfie!

Most Liked Pictures On Instagram

Selena’s Japan Trip!

Ronaldo’s Picture With 2016 Trophy!

Selena’s Revival Tour!

Vogue Australia Cover!


Super Gorgeous Selena!

Lol! Kendall Jenner!

Lovely Jenner Picture!


Kim’s Post of Saint West!

Amazing Ronaldo With The Family!


Beyonce’s Picture With Twins!

Kylie’s Graduation Post!

Beyonce With The Cover Girl!

Beautiful As Ever!

Kendall Celebrating 20 Million Followers!

Khloe’s Biggest Dream Post!

Ronaldo’s Another Dream Post!


Hand-in-Hand Post!

Selena Went Blonde!

Kim’s Wedding Pic!

Sexy Selena!

Beyonce’s Pregnant Image!

Most Liked Picture on Instagram!

So Cute!

Hair Heart!

When Kanye Sent Taylor Swift Flowers!

The Friendship Goals!

This was our collection of the most liked pictures on Instagram. Should you wish to make additions to it, please feel free to do so by commenting in the comments section below.


Pooja Singh

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