23 Jaw-Dropping Sexiest Moments of Jon Snow From Game of Thrones

Kit Harington who plays one of the main lead roles of Jon Snow in the most popular TV show Game of Thrones. Everybody has to agree that he is the sexiest, sweetest bastard in the seven kingdoms. Check out his jaw-dropping sexiest moments from Game of Thrones:

1. When Jon Snow and Dany Hold Hands!

2. Jon Snow in Snow!

3. When he just show off his abs!

4. All about the last episode!

5. The Brave Look!

6. Sweet Actions with The Eyes!

7. Awww!

8. Just hug him already!

9. When he is truly happy!

10. Snow and the gorgeous smile!

11. My heart is beating!

12. And here comes the cave scene!

13. And the look he gives!

14. Fearless lad!

15. Windy and sexy him!

16. Out of breath! 17. Watch it again!

18. Everybody Thought the same!

19. When he stares at you!

20. Ohhh! Beyonce would be jealous after seeing him!

21. Cutest brother!

22. And the walk!

23. Hot even in the snow!


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