Mayweather vs McGregor: 5 Things You Need To Know About The Fight

The biggest sports event in the history combat sports is almost here. The boxing champ, Floyd Mayweather, is all set to take on the Irish UFC Champion, Conor McGregor. They will battle in a boxing ring in T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas and the match will be LIVE in India only on tomorrow at 6:30 AM.

Here are the five biggest things that you need to know about the fight:

Expected Viewership

According to the data shared by Forbes, the number of people viewing this mega money event will be estimated to be around 50 million.

Ticket Sales

The demand for tickets wasn’t as big as the promoters expected. Still, the tickets are available for sale at TticketIQ. The prices for the tickets have also dipped dramatically.

But, this doesn’t mean that the fight is a flop show or the promoters won’t meet their money goals. the prices were extremely high and a sellout isn’t required to make a profit out of it.

What’s at Stake?

This is the belt that’s on the line. And it’s more of a souvenir than a winner’s accomplishment like real world championship belts.

Prize Money

There is no confirmed specifics of revenue due to the confidentiality that ceases the release of exact purses. If the fight reaches its pay-per-view target then the total revenue would be around $700 million. Almost half of the total would be rewarded via purses to both the winner and the loser.


According to most, Floyd Mayweather seems to be the ultimate winner unless the biggest turnaround in the history of sports takes place and McGregor beats Mayweather down.

What do you think would happen tomorrow? Comment!


Aniket Aryan

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